About Us

Soup for You! operates out of the basement of century-old and deeply-rooted Bethany Lutheran Church. 

After two years of COVID lockdown and serving our community through a set of 3 glass doors we are back to an open dining room. M-F, 12-1. Wednesdays groceries 12-1 Large space, high ceilings, only 4 chairs per table, all Volunteers vaccinated/boosted.

Things have changed and continue to be in flux. Soup For You! has not skipped a beat … COVID-19 lockdown, we were there. People were fed. Unrest and our very neighborhood looted and set to flame. Our Volunteers came to this place, the People were fed, were clothed, nourished and hopefully comforted in this most extreme time of trauma and need.

We will continue with the good support of The Village. continue to feed, nourish and comfort all that come to our doors.


Over 120,000 meals served


On the Menu

Here’s what we’re eating this week: